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Resurrection Remix Android ROM

An aftermarket open source Android Operating System. I am a part of the development team that maintains the source code. It can be compiled and ported for any device that runs on android. I designed the website for this project too.

Linux Android Kernel

nebula kernel is a custom kernel based on 3.0.y Linux kernel. I customize and tweak it to get better performance and battery life than what the stock kernel provides. I maintain it for two devices - Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos and Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus.

Shutdown Manager

.NET based software for Windows to automatically Shutdown, Hibernate, Sleep, Restart, Log off or Lock the system after a specified amount of time.
Saves electricity bill!


Java based software to automatically copy files and folder from one location to another, even across networks. Integrated with SQL database support. Platform independent - runs on Windows, Linux and OSX. Many more features and utilities are baked into this software.

Folder Locker

.NET based software for Windows that makes a password protected, secret folder to hide your files and folders from prying eyes.

Login Changer

.NET based software for Windows 7 to change the background of the "Login and Shutdown Screen" in just a few clicks to any image of your choice.

Keep Trash

Android app to customize the official Google Keep app. Built using Xposed framework.

Disable Fullscreen Keyboard

Android app to disable fullscreen keyboard along with the text input field that takes up the whole screen in landscape orientation. Works with all android keyboards, including SwiftKey, Swype, Google keyboard, AOSP keyboard etc. Built using Xposed framework.


.NET based software for Windows to bulk delete multiple files in a folder based on their extension.


.NET based GUI for Windows for a command line hacking code. The mischievous CLI code exploits a vulnerability in old gaming servers that may cause them to crash. I neither endorse the hacking code, nor will I include it with my GUI source code.

MultiSIM Toggle

Android app to enable or disable multi-SIM functionality on multi-SIM supporting AOSP based android firmwares. The app toggles the firmware from multi-SIM to single SIM functionality and vice versa.

EFS Backup

Android app to backup the EFS system partition of your smartphone. EFS partition contains important information such as IMEI number, MAC address etc.

Smartbytes Tracker

Android app for devices running android Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0+) and above. It is aimed at Airtel Broadband users to help them keep a track of the data transfer in their broadband accounts. No need to visit the Smartbytes website. With this app, the information is just a tap away.

Alarm Clock

.NET based software for Windows which works just like the alarm clock app in your smartphone. It gives you the flexibility to choose your own alarm tone or choose from one of the tones already included with the software. It allows you to attach a note with the alarm too.

Auto Copier

.NET based software for Windows to automatically copy files and folder from one location to another, even across networks. This is an older version of my software - "Xerox".

Shortcuts Arrow Remover

.NET based software for Windows to remove the annoying little curvy arrow in Windows that shows an icon is a shortcut.

Network Scanner

.NET based software for Windows to scan the LAN network you are connected to and list the name of every system connected to the network.


Work in Progress
Android app to send SMS through gateway from your smartphone through internet, without sending it through your smartphone's network service provider.

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